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Filmdrunk 84: Oscars, AVN Awards, & Burnsy’s Corner with Eric Barry

This week Vince brings in local comic Eric, we get into Burnsy’s Corner, we discuss the AVNs, get several great listener voicemails, get deep about the world of comedy, Brendan saw a guy get hit by a car, and other jackassery.

    00:01:37 – In what can’t be a coincidence, Bret’s birthday is the same day as Squirrel Appreciation Day, and Fake Bret appreciates the hell out of the those fluffy tails. We received some listener voicemails: Fake Bret hater from last week is back, the “hottest” Frotcast female listener shows off (vocalizes?) her hard lovin’ skills, and Maggie Thatcher calls in for a rebuttal. The guys talk a bit about beer (I disagree about the Anchor Christmas Ale).
    00:13:14 – Burnsy’s Corner: Things get a bit holy with some squealing church singing, a 6 year-old girl has a hardcore song about her pets, the guys discuss the aesthetics of hardcore dancing, and Burnsy talks about his new feature (which you’ve probably read by now).
    00:38:20 – Cormac McCarthy joins Twitter. Brendan is fascinated with the gay, meth head runaway on Intervention. Vince brings up the news story about Demi Moore being hospitalized for doing whippets, which leads to a talk that digresses from whippets to bloody wounds.
    00:54:13 – Guest of the show, Eric, talks about his friendship with Vince, running the Milk Bar, bouncing people from the comedy shows, and dealing with Haight St. gutter punks.
    00:59:04 – The Oscar nominations are brought up briefly, but the guys come up with the ultimate Oscar baiting movie. The more interesting nominations follow: the AVN’s Most Clever Title. Eric talks about his fear of sewer babies, and is introduced to the Frotcast classic Jesse Jane clip.
    01:11:45 – The guys talk about the recent Dane Cook fiasco at the Laugh Factory, his quick rise to fame, the redemptive appearance on Louie, and joke stealing in general. To wind things down a clip from Bones is played dealing with malware, firewalls, fractal patterns, and, you guessed it, bones…and plenty of bad writing and acting.

Vince announces an upcoming gig that you should definitely check out.

Drunk On! – Adam

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Filmdrunk 83: Carnage, The Iron Lady, with comedian Matt Louv

This week we have the museum of comedy Matt Louv live in the Frotquarters to discuss comedy, movies, Marky Mark preventing 9/11, Brendan’s impersonations, listener calls, listener emails, other jackassery, and Bret’s bag o’ bones.

    00:02:02 – Flashback to the incident during Vince’s stand-up where Brendan confronted a guy, and Matt was there to witness it.
    00:05:15 – We take a listen to some voicemails: one fan with a pulse on the humanity vents about Fake Bret, the real Bret receives a backhanded compliment, Ben gets called a c*nt, and the Mighty Feklhr sends in a koi call.
    00:17:44 – We have a brief talk about the exciting Niners’ win from this past weekend. Vince had an interesting viewing of the Maggie Thatcher biopic, Iron Lady. Matt and Vince discuss Carnage, Roman Polanski’s newest film, and we play a fun little guessing game dealing with the film. Vince plays a new clip from MANswers that leads us to Robert Palmer’s Simply Irresistible, Matt shares some stories about running a theater, and Brendan adds some more impersonations to his repertoire.
    01:02:13 – We talk about Marky Mark hypothetically stopping 9/11 (never forget), his wicked childhood, and him no longer needing to wank it.
    01:11:14 – Justin Halpern sent in an email to follow up from episode 81, we answer a relationship question, and the issue of Vince losing his virginity comes up.

Drunk On!

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Best of 2011 Frotcast

Welcome to the “Not Quite Best of” Best of 2011. There were many requests but not everything could be included…so, blame the intern if this doesn’t meet your approval. Big thanks to Laremy, Robopanda, and listener Matt B for their input. All music is from Burnsy’s Corner, well, except for one song.

    00:00:51 – We kick things of with some Frotcast lore: the introduction to poop transplants, a bizarre (or normal) trip to Vegas, a vivid description of the aliens from Cowboys and Aliens, and a certain kind of hair removal. [Hint: It’s butthole Nairing!]
    00:18:38 – The guys discuss the law of the streets, a group film review goes awry, Brendan’s interaction with a creepy guy at a bachelor party, and “Erection, your onion,” — the Swedish gibberish episode, a must-listen.
    00:37:10 – We listen to the banshee known as Jesse Jane at the AVN Awards, a tribute to Fake Bret, lothario Brendan discusses his love making skills, what happens when you introduce a banana phone into a poop transplant procedure, and the guys learn some interesting facts about Thomas Kinkade, the painter of light.
    00:55:22 – The only way to review Tower Heist is with Jamaican accents, the amazing talents of Cytheria, and don’t take the law into your own hands: take ’em to haters court.
    01:16:33 – MMA attributes, Lindy reads the writings of Drunken Expat Writer, fun with Shia Labeouf’s name, the eeriest (yet spot on) impersonation of Willem Dafoe, and Vince gets frustrated at Comic-Con.
    Bonus track – Lindy West gets drunk, and inadvertently starts the “Kirk Douglas’s corpse going down a log flume with a boner mini-meme.”

Filmdrunk 82: The Artist, Manswers, Joe’s Movie Pitches

Apologies for losing the 2nd half of last week’s two part Frotcast. This week we get into Burnsy’s Corner, and bring on Joe King.

    00:01:41 – Vince briefly discusses The Artist, and brings up legendary actress Kim Novak wanting to report a rape due the films use of the Vertigo score. It’s not surprising the Armond White agrees with. Mr. White also made the news recently for heckling during the NY Film Critics Circle ceremony.
    00:09:03 – We check out some clips from Manswers, which reminds us of Ow! My Balls from Idiocracy, and have some fun with our own fake Manswers.
    00:18:53 – Burnsy’s Corner brings us a clip of the new star and Mountain Dew addict of Toddlers and Tiaras. We’re visited by a Miami Heat fan, and returning guest, Mr. Lee Roth. Somehow the Bible comes up, and Burnsy plays a cover of Nelson’s cherished classic by Kids Incorporated.
    00:57:41 – We discuss commercial campaigns the insult the intelligence of heterosexual males.
    01:06:36 – Joe King pitches us his movie ideas. Joe and Vince talk shop about some of the terrible places they’ve done stand-up.

Drunk On!

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Frotcast 81: Koi Calls, Best-of-the-year Spectacular

This was meant to be a 2 part Frot-tacular, but unfortunately technology did not cooperate and the 2nd half vanished into Frotcast lore.

We talk with Burnsy, Justin Halpern and Patrick and they each give us a random top 10 from 2011. Condolences to Laremy, Lindy and Joe King, as their audio will never be heard. Pour out some 4Loko for them. Drunk on!

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