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Frotcast 154: Matt Lieb, 6 Fast 6 Furious, After Earth

We’re back minus Ben this week, who’s in Tokyo, but we brought back fan favorite, SF comedian Matt Lieb to pick up the slack. This week’s topics include a lengthy discussion of 6 Fast 6 Furious, stories from my recent Mexico trip, Bret saw Side Effects and The Ambassador, and Matt Lieb relates his dad’s advice shortly after 9/11 – “the best time to buy stocks is when there’s blood in the streets.”’s Laremy Legel even prepared a statement for us about After Earth. Enjoy.

Frotcast 153: Star Trek, Hangover, and Fast 6 with Laremy

This week, we get started by playing a voicemail, discussing hobo activity, and hear from Will Smith’s wiener son. Then we bloop Laremy in to talk about Fast 6, Hangover 3 and Star Trek. Vince also serenades us with some Black Sabbath. Frot on!

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Frotcast 152: Matt Lieb

This week on the Frotcast, we welcome back one of our favorite comedians Matt Lieb (@lieb123456789) to tell us stories of hanging out with Stephen Jenkins (of Third Eye Blind). We read a listener email about stand up advice, Vince tells us about his comedy event last night, Bret saw Silver Linings Playbook, and other hilarity ensues. Thanks for listening!

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Frot on.

Frotcast 151: Burnsy’s Corner and Iron Man 3

This week, we are honored to welcome back Ashley Burns AKA Burnsy to the Frotcast. We step into Burnsy’s corner to hear the Song of the Summer and learn that Florida now has Lion Tacos. Everyone but Ben saw Iron Man 3, and that is discussed for awhile, as well as upcoming Marvel Comics movies. We also listen to some voice mails, go over Vince Vaughn’s latest “normal job” movie, and Vince puts out the Frot Signal to the sorority girl who got kicked out for keeping it way too real.

Frot on!

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Frotcast 150: Matt Ufford and Fantasy Summer Box Office with Laremy

This week, Brendan and Bret saw several movies (Brendan saw his on a plane). We bring Matt Ufford on, who met the one and only Gary Busey in New York and tells us about it. Then we bring Laremy Legel on for our Third Annual Fantasy Summer Box Office. We then make up movie vehicles for Vince Vaughn like a modern Awesomo-3000 and learn about crazy names in Utah. Frot on!

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Fantasy Summer Box Office:

Laremy (First overall pick): 1. Iron Man 3, 2. Man of Steel (Bomb), 3. Epic, 4. 300: Rise

Vince (2nd pick): 1. Fast 6, 2. Pacific Rim, 3. Wolverine, 4. We are the Millers (Bomb)

Bret (3rd pick): 1. Star Trek 2, 2. Despicable Me 2 , 3. Lone Ranger (Bomb), 4. After Earth

Brendan (4th pick): 1. Man of Steel, 2. Hangover 3, 3. The Internship, 4. The Great Gatsby (Bomb)

Ben (5th): 1. Monsters University, 2. Planes, 3. World War Z, 4. World War Z (Bomb)

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