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Frotcast 334: Drew Magary and ‘Get Me Roger Stone’

Drew Magary from Deadspin/GQ (whose latest novel, The Hike, drops on paperback in July) by this week to talk Big Summer Camp, Fargo, and whether sports reporters are more obnoxious than film critics. We also talk Netflix’s Roger Stone documentary, Get Me Roger Stone. Is it not ironic that the guy who brought the “cuck”-shouting alt-right to national prominence was once run out of Washington over a scandal about letting other men have sex with his wife? Why do all of the bad things seem to come from Nixon? And what the hell is going on with the guy’s skull? Naturally, we finish off with the Royalty Freestyle. Frot on and enjoy, donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast.

1:00 – Drew Magary joins, to complain about Big Summer Camp
19:00 – Talking Baywatch, and the idea of the self-referential movie
29:00 – Fargo
35:00 – More tolerable, group of film critics or group of sports reporters
52:33 – ‘Get Me Roger Stone’
1:01:50 – We find out about Ben Jacobs getting bodyslammed by congressional candidate Greg Gianforte in real time and can’t stop laughing.
1:12:10 – The Royalty Freestyle. “Everything is a twist in this life.”


333: Lost City Of Z, Killers Of The Flower Moon Author David Grann, Alien

Lost City of Z author David Grann’s new book, Killers of the Flower Moon, is about the mass murder — through gunshots, bombs, and poisoning — of almost the better part of an entire generation of Osage Indians in the teens and 1920s, carried out in order to inherit their lucrative mineral rights. Originally hailed as one of the FBI’s first and defining successes, Grann’s investigation uncovers for the first time the true extent of the “Osage Reign Of Terror,” which wasn’t just a single plot, but rather an interlocking web of conspiracy and corruption that sought to usurp American Indian wealth and was only possible through collusion at every level of society. One of the first examples of the FBI investigating corruption among local police, Grann’s book comes out at a time when Attorney General Jeff Sessions is actively trying to weaken the federal government’s mandate to police local police (“it is not the responsibility of the federal government to manage non-federal law enforcement agencies” read a Sessions memo from April). This week I talk to Grann about his book’s relevance, the relationship between racism and greed, and the dying art of shoeleather reporting. In addition to that, it’s Alien: Covenant week on the Frotcast, so we’re watching and breaking down the 1979 original, Alien. Panel includes Vince Mancini, Frotcast co-host Brendan, and comedians Joey Avery and Matt Lieb.



Frotcast 332: The Fifth Element

Would Guardians Of The Galaxy even exist without The Fifth Element? The Luc Besson classic turns 20 this week, the same week as Star Wars Day, which is fitting, because The Fifth Element is my Star Wars. We’re talking Fifth Element this week with Matt Lieb from AJ+, Brendan (who thinks the Fifth Element is dumb!) and Vince. We also talk Fyre Festival, hockey names, and play the Royalty Freestyle, with Matt Lieb. Donate at

1:55 – Breaking down the Fyre Festival because we didn’t get to last week.
12:45 – Hockey names, and our Name Of The Year pick for next year, Tait Purk.   
24:07 – The Fifth Element
53:00 – Emails
1:09:05 – The Royalty Freestyle