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Frotcast 158: Paula Deen, Justin Halpern’s Tweets from My Sick Ride

This week on the Frotcast, we had a ton of fun. Seriously, you should listen to this one. Filling in for Brendan and Ben, SF comedians Juan Medina and Matt Lieb join us in the Frotquarters for a ‘cast that runs the gamut from silly to serious, as we discuss Juan’s second life as a cab driver, the hypocrisy of the Paula Deen controversy, Stephan Jenkins, the pitfalls of self-congratulatory comedy, Matt Lieb’s lonely lonely single life, and Upstream Color. Justin Halpern bloops in for a segment called ‘Tweets from My Sick Ride,’ involving satisfied tweets from Lexus and Porsche owners, which is quickly interrupted by hilarious dog and crying baby. Later on, Bret has some pretty serious feelings about Upstream Color. Good times, good times. For more movie news you can make fun of, check out

Frotcast 157: “When you’ve got an Armie Hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Recording early this week due to scheduling issues, perhaps too early, some might say, this week’s Frotcast features San Francisco comedy legends Matt Lieb AND Matt Louv. We talk about Matt Lieb, and how lonely he is, and then get into a discussion about what films we’d like to watch in Punch-o-vision, which would allow the viewer to punch the characters. After that, we talk about some other stuff, and we start coming up with ska-themed movies for some reason, like Ska-face. Yeah.

Frotcast 156: Matt Lieb, Burnsy’s Corner, Man of Steel

This week on the Frotcast, Matt Lieb joins us in the Frotquarters, and he recently got dumped so he needs a friend. We talk about the wonderful world of online dating, and what Stephen Jenkins thought about Matt talking about him on the last Frotcast. Lieb and I went on a man-date to Man of Steel, so we talk about that, and our favorite slow-motion scenes in general. Then Burnsy comes on to talk about the naked BART man, the sad decline and reverse aging of Matty B, and play us his new song of the Summer. Then we answer your question about “troll pooping.” Wouldn’t “poop trolling” be more accurate? Who knows. A good time was had by all.

Frot on.

Frotcast 155: Vietnam Movies, Rape Jokes, Etc.

This week on the Frotcast, our guest David Gborie had to bail, so it’s just the boys – Vince, Brendan, and Bret. But we still have lots of fun! We offer your updates on Fantasy Summer Box Office, I saw The Bling Ring, we talk about the curious political subtexts of 80s movies and current movies, discuss our favorite Vietnam movies, tell BART stories, and, because so many people demanded it, we talk about Lindy West and Jim Norton’s “rape joke” “debate” from Kamau Bell’s show this past week, and our culture’s endless desire for contrived debates in general.