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Filmdrunk 102: Denis and the Footsteps of Marco Polo

This week we talk to Denis Belliveau, who recreated Marco Polo’s journey over a 2 year period. He has some amazing stories from his travels. Then we talk to Laremy about Snow White and Fantasy Box Office.

    00:02:38 – Special guest Denis Bellveau is a travel photographer who in 1994, with a friend, retraced Marco Polo’s journey on its 700th anniversary. The trip took 2 years to plan, and 2 years to execute. They each used 24 visas, some forged, or snuck into countries while not using any aircraft. They started the 30,000 mile trip in Venice. Denis talks about traveling through countries in civil wars, historical sights that were destroyed or missing, how the UN became their cultural backers, having their phones tapped in police states, and the openness of the people of Central Asia.
    00:26:30 – Vince brings up the camel journey through western China, and how the camels regurgitate their stomach. Denis discusses how the time in Mongolia was like stepping back in Marco Polo’s time, which was a highlight since the whole trip was trying to recreate that journey. He also talks about food poisoning, an interesting lamb stew, circumcision parties, how not to hitchhike in Turkey, and getting arrested in Iran.
    00:47:40 – The trip was completed in 1995, but the movie about the trip didn’t come out until 2008. Denis and his friend initially tried to get a book deal but were rejected by several publishers. They thought a book deal would lead to a movie, but when Macs and Final Cut Pro came along they decided to work on the movie themselves. There is an interesting story about the time Polo was imprisoned that led to mythical creatures being incorporated into his stories. Denis now travels to schools to inspire kids to get off their asses and explore.
    01:00:08 – Laremy joins the Frotcast after the whole G.I. Joe debacle to get a replacement pick for the Fantasy Film Box Office. His new pick, The Watch, gets picked out of a hat (or Vince’s bike helmet). Both Vince and Laremy saw Snow White and the Huntsman, which they found to be dumb and boring, and lacking any redeeming qualities. Although, Vince loved K-Stew’s Braveheart speech, and wished the dwarves were part of the selling part. Laremy also saw Safety Not Guaranteed with Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass. There is some Boogie Nights talk, Mr. Vince pops up again, and Laremy details what he has been up to recently.
    01:22:18 – Vince reads one of Bret’s cunty responses to an email, and the guys talk about douchey comments and fake internet rage. A listener has a life changing experience with the Monkey Scoop technique.

Drunk On!

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Filmdrunk 101: Jason Dove in Frotquarters

This week we welcome comedian Jason Dove into our Frotquarters. We update the Fantasy Movie Box office, talk to Jason about his video game records and meeting Billy Mitchell, listen to some news clips, learn some Manswers and DRUNK ON!

    00:01:11 – Episode 101 starts off with some video game talk with guest comedian and video game record holder, Jason Dove. Vince goes over the Fantasy Box Office standings, where Brendan holds a slight lead over Ben. With news of the new G.I. Joe movie being delayed a year (due to 3D issues), the guys dive into some G.I. Joe cartoon lore. Impressive trailers to disappointing movies are discussed, as well as hidden tracks on CDs.
    00:14:45 – Behind the Exposed Brick with Jason Dove: Jason talks about his time owning an arcade/bar in Atlanta, playing in a Math Rock band, working at an internet cafe, living in Baltimore, and accidentally ending up in San Francisco. The guys reminisce about playing video games and going to arcades, and we find out that Bret used to wear fake glasses.
    00:36:35 – Jason talks about some of the video game records he’s broken, and what the submission process is like. It entails lots of video taping.
    00:42:45 – If you like Rock ‘N Roll cocaine stories, Jason has a few involving band members of Weezer and Smashing Pumpkins. Vince wonders about the lack of true Rock Stars nowadays. Jason and Vince talk about some of the certain characters that can be found at the local comedy clubs in SF, and Bret argues with Vince over one of his bits.
    01:04:12 – Vince plays the video of the boxer who trains Wall Street nerds. We hear a clip from HBO’s Real Sports about Mickey Ward’s nephew with cerebral palsy, who’s own mother calls “retahded.” The guys talk about Bryant Gumble’s man tits. Jason get to play MANswers Roulette to find out how big boobs would behave on the moon. We listen to an angry Aussie dealing with the DMV, and a crazy Pastor who’s again’it gay marriage and wants to fence in all the homosexuals and queers.

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Filmdrunk 100: Justin Halpern, Burnsy, Matt Ufford, Laremy

It is a 100th Frotcast Extravaganza! We bring on Frotcast favorites Matt Ufford, Justin Halpern, Burnsy and Laremy. Matt talks about working for SB Nation, Justin just released a book so he talks about his book tour, Burnsy answers our questions, and we roast Laremy with his own morning news appearance.

    00:02:02 – This special episode kicks off with listener voicemails where the Frotcast crew gets reviewed, and The Dictator receives some porn parody titles. Vince plays Peter Berg’s interview with the Israeli reporter. The guys talk about the “one line” fix in movies, and Vince shares his thoughts about Rihanna.
    00:12:55 – Matt Ufford is the first guest to talk about SB Nation and some of his highlights so far. He also answers Vince’s questions about movies and what male celebrity he would marry. Everyone shares stories about Vince’s dad. Vince reveals that one of his reviews is going to be published, and we find out from MANswers how to get drunk on grandpa.
    00:30:41 – Up next is Justin Halpern, who is on tour for his book I Suck at Girls. An excerpt from his about the time he found a porn cache can be found at Grantland. Justin talks about what a book tour entails. The guys talk about Bum Combine, Olivia Munn’s book, and Wes Anderson’s new film, Moonrise Kingdom. And Vince wants to own a plantation.
    00:56:06 – Burnsy is back to answer Vince’s questions, and can’t decide if The Avengers or The Vow is his favorite film of the year. This leads to the genesis of Hipster C-Tates. The guys find out what babes are best in the sack from MANswers. As always, Burnsy brings some Hott Goss news.
    01:16:47 – Laremy closes the episode with a breakdown of Battleship with spoilers, because no one cares. The guys have some fun with a morning show clip featuring Laremy. With news that MTV bought, Laremy reads a list of possible job opportunities. A man’s best friend’s worst enemy seems like the popular choice. There’s some talk about sponsorships, Rudyard Kipling gets the conversation off topic, and the episode ends with a Kate Bosworth poop story.

Drunk on, and thanks for listening!

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Filmdrunk 99: Laremy and Hott Goss

This week debut our brand new theme song, we bring on Burnsy for a special edition of Hott Goss, call Laremy to talk movies, Vince tells us how he is upsetting K Stew fans, a new identity for Bret is revealed, and we reveal who we would gay marry.

    00:03:55 – Vince angered the discernible K-Stew fans over a post about Snow White and the Huntsman. Brendan talks about Fred Stoller’s time writing for Seinfeld.
    00:11:44 – Burnsy is back with Hot Goss: Same Sex Wedding Edition where he is reporting from a special location featuring John Travolta and his monkey feet.
    00:14:37 – Technical Difficulties
    00:15:22 – Burnsy reports a possible conspiracy over MCA’s death involving 3rd Bass. There is talk of where the best psychics come from, Miley Cyrus’ future, the next celebrity death, and Frankie Muniz. To finish off the segment, Burnsy polls the Frotcast crew to see what man they would marry.
    00:36:23 – Vince introduces a new song of the week – Lazy Harp Seal Has No Job by Parry Gripp.
    00:40:33 – TV celebrity Laremy Legel of gets blooped in to talk Avengers and Dark Shadows. Vince plays a recent clip of Laremy enlightening a studio audience about the upcoming summer movies. The group discusses what went wrong with Dark Shadows, their favorite and worst Tim Burton films, the backlash involving Girls, and Vince’s fear of morphing into Peter Travers. Ben tells us his favorite moments in Dark Shadows, and Brendan gets in a Facebook “fight.” The episode ends with talk about the recent headlines concerning gay marriage, and giggling ensues.

Drunk On! – Adam

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