Filmdrunk 101: Jason Dove in Frotquarters

This week we welcome comedian Jason Dove into our Frotquarters. We update the Fantasy Movie Box office, talk to Jason about his video game records and meeting Billy Mitchell, listen to some news clips, learn some Manswers and DRUNK ON!

    00:01:11 – Episode 101 starts off with some video game talk with guest comedian and video game record holder, Jason Dove. Vince goes over the Fantasy Box Office standings, where Brendan holds a slight lead over Ben. With news of the new G.I. Joe movie being delayed a year (due to 3D issues), the guys dive into some G.I. Joe cartoon lore. Impressive trailers to disappointing movies are discussed, as well as hidden tracks on CDs.
    00:14:45 – Behind the Exposed Brick with Jason Dove: Jason talks about his time owning an arcade/bar in Atlanta, playing in a Math Rock band, working at an internet cafe, living in Baltimore, and accidentally ending up in San Francisco. The guys reminisce about playing video games and going to arcades, and we find out that Bret used to wear fake glasses.
    00:36:35 – Jason talks about some of the video game records he’s broken, and what the submission process is like. It entails lots of video taping.
    00:42:45 – If you like Rock ‘N Roll cocaine stories, Jason has a few involving band members of Weezer and Smashing Pumpkins. Vince wonders about the lack of true Rock Stars nowadays. Jason and Vince talk about some of the certain characters that can be found at the local comedy clubs in SF, and Bret argues with Vince over one of his bits.
    01:04:12 – Vince plays the video of the boxer who trains Wall Street nerds. We hear a clip from HBO’s Real Sports about Mickey Ward’s nephew with cerebral palsy, who’s own mother calls “retahded.” The guys talk about Bryant Gumble’s man tits. Jason get to play MANswers Roulette to find out how big boobs would behave on the moon. We listen to an angry Aussie dealing with the DMV, and a crazy Pastor who’s again’it gay marriage and wants to fence in all the homosexuals and queers.

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