Filmdrunk 100: Justin Halpern, Burnsy, Matt Ufford, Laremy

It is a 100th Frotcast Extravaganza! We bring on Frotcast favorites Matt Ufford, Justin Halpern, Burnsy and Laremy. Matt talks about working for SB Nation, Justin just released a book so he talks about his book tour, Burnsy answers our questions, and we roast Laremy with his own morning news appearance.

    00:02:02 – This special episode kicks off with listener voicemails where the Frotcast crew gets reviewed, and The Dictator receives some porn parody titles. Vince plays Peter Berg’s interview with the Israeli reporter. The guys talk about the “one line” fix in movies, and Vince shares his thoughts about Rihanna.
    00:12:55 – Matt Ufford is the first guest to talk about SB Nation and some of his highlights so far. He also answers Vince’s questions about movies and what male celebrity he would marry. Everyone shares stories about Vince’s dad. Vince reveals that one of his reviews is going to be published, and we find out from MANswers how to get drunk on grandpa.
    00:30:41 – Up next is Justin Halpern, who is on tour for his book I Suck at Girls. An excerpt from his about the time he found a porn cache can be found at Grantland. Justin talks about what a book tour entails. The guys talk about Bum Combine, Olivia Munn’s book, and Wes Anderson’s new film, Moonrise Kingdom. And Vince wants to own a plantation.
    00:56:06 – Burnsy is back to answer Vince’s questions, and can’t decide if The Avengers or The Vow is his favorite film of the year. This leads to the genesis of Hipster C-Tates. The guys find out what babes are best in the sack from MANswers. As always, Burnsy brings some Hott Goss news.
    01:16:47 – Laremy closes the episode with a breakdown of Battleship with spoilers, because no one cares. The guys have some fun with a morning show clip featuring Laremy. With news that MTV bought, Laremy reads a list of possible job opportunities. A man’s best friend’s worst enemy seems like the popular choice. There’s some talk about sponsorships, Rudyard Kipling gets the conversation off topic, and the episode ends with a Kate Bosworth poop story.

Drunk on, and thanks for listening!

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