Filmdrunk 99: Laremy and Hott Goss

This week debut our brand new theme song, we bring on Burnsy for a special edition of Hott Goss, call Laremy to talk movies, Vince tells us how he is upsetting K Stew fans, a new identity for Bret is revealed, and we reveal who we would gay marry.

    00:03:55 – Vince angered the discernible K-Stew fans over a post about Snow White and the Huntsman. Brendan talks about Fred Stoller’s time writing for Seinfeld.
    00:11:44 – Burnsy is back with Hot Goss: Same Sex Wedding Edition where he is reporting from a special location featuring John Travolta and his monkey feet.
    00:14:37 – Technical Difficulties
    00:15:22 – Burnsy reports a possible conspiracy over MCA’s death involving 3rd Bass. There is talk of where the best psychics come from, Miley Cyrus’ future, the next celebrity death, and Frankie Muniz. To finish off the segment, Burnsy polls the Frotcast crew to see what man they would marry.
    00:36:23 – Vince introduces a new song of the week – Lazy Harp Seal Has No Job by Parry Gripp.
    00:40:33 – TV celebrity¬†Laremy Legel of gets blooped in to talk Avengers and Dark Shadows. Vince plays a recent clip of Laremy enlightening a studio audience about the upcoming summer movies. The group discusses what went wrong with Dark Shadows, their favorite and worst Tim Burton films, the backlash involving Girls, and Vince’s fear of morphing into Peter Travers. Ben tells us his favorite moments in Dark Shadows, and Brendan gets in a Facebook “fight.” The episode ends with talk about the recent headlines concerning gay marriage, and giggling ensues.

Drunk On! – Adam

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