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316: Nocturnal Animals and Butt Stuff, with Matt Lieb and Laremy Legel

It’s Thanksgiving week, and since you’ll probably be going home to your families, we discussed Nocturnal Animals, Tom Ford’s accidental parody of how yuppies view rednecks and vice versa. Also, to help you work up an appetite, we talked a lot about impending butthole surgeries. Pretty typical Frotcast, really. Guests include Seattle’s finest film critic Laremy Legel and the Star Wars Show’s Matt Lieb (also of Flophouse and Newsbroke) joining Brendan and Vince in the studio. Thanks, and Frot on.

2:46 – A butthole teaser
3:30 – Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals, and the yearly “men shouldn’t wear shorts” news cycle.
7:00 – Matt Lieb attempts to explain the plot of Nocturnal Animals
9:32 – The first suggestion of a Joe’s Crab Shack bib (it becomes a thing)
17:00 – How Nocturnal Animals ruined Matt’s date.
20:20 – An update on the new butthole I’m getting. Bonus #content: Laremy’s fistula.
24:00 – The Brendan laughing fit of the week, upon finding out about Matt’s adolescent experimenting with butt stuff.
31:00 – More sad details from Matt Lieb’s dating life.
33:18 – Laremy discusses the Oasis movie, which leads us into Matt and Laremy’s troubled relationships with their own brothers, which is hilarious to me as an only child.
45:16 – Matt talks Skype sex
48:00 – About the point at which I stopped adding time stamps

315: Army Of One, With Jen Yamato & Evan Saathoff

This week on the Frotcast, Brendan, Matt, and Bret are off, but Jen Yamato from the Daily Beast and Evan Saathoff from Birth, Movies, Death are on the line to discuss ‘Army of One,’ this week’s Nic Cage release. Is this Nic Cage’s craziest performance to date? What other movies are in the conversation? What the hell is going on with this bizarre movie? We also discuss Gary Faulkner, the real-life “Rocky Mountain Rambo” upon whom the movie was based, and his life traveling to Pakistan to hunt Osama Bin Laden while on dialysis. Also, the fact that Nic Cage’s insane voice in Army of One sounds nothing like Gary Faulkner’s. Enjoy. 

Frotcast 314: ‘Arrival,’ Trumpocalypse 2016

Election 2016, we couldn’t *not* talk about it. Is this the worst thing that could’ve happened? Who’s to blame, besides everyone? How do we cope with President Trump? This week’s guests include comedians Matt Lieb and Joe Sinclitico. Joe and I both saw ‘Arrival,’ and offer our no-spoilers reviews. We also try to break down the multiple timelines theory of Westworld, answer your emails, and of course, Crystal Corner, the segment about people who’ve turned to magical crystals.

3:00 – Trump is president, ‘wop’ is back.
7:00 – Matt’s tale of the sad mariachi band hired to celebrate a Clinton victory trudging home without playing a note.
10:00 – We’ve had dipshit idealogues, and smart demagogues, but is this our first dipshit demagogue?
18:39 – Aaron Sorkin’s open letter. Ya think?!
21:18 – Speaking of smugness, more “out of the mouths of babes” tweets of people assigning profound thoughts to their 8-year-olds.
32:15 – Listener email backing up and expanding my point about 80s comedies being obsessed with people eating weird food.
35:30 – Joe and I discuss Arrival (a no-spoiler discussion)
39:45 – Movie theater etiquette
57:20 – Westworld and the multiple timeline theory, and also what Joe would do in Westworld.
1:10:35 – Because he’s been driving and off the grid, we get to break the news to Matt that Leonard Cohen is dead and get to hear his fresh reaction to the news.
1:15:30 – EMAILS. How to deal with talking politics with shitty relatives and co-workers
1:28:10 – Crystal Corner

Frotcast 313: ‘Weiner’ And Borat, With Matt Lieb And Joe Sinclitico

Anthony Weiner was back in the news recently, sort of, so we take a look back on the incredible political documentary ‘Weiner,’ and see if it feels any different now, knowing what we know about him. After that we discuss ‘Borat,’ which turns 10 years old this week. Then we have Crystal Corner, which isn’t strictly about crystals this week, but adult Summer camp, which seems at least crystal adjacent. Guests include comedian Matt Lieb from Flophouse and the Star Wars Show, and Joe Sinclitico from Adam Devine’s House Party, with Vince Mancini and Brendan in the studio. Other topics include: whose bloated corpse does Ted Cruz most resemble, and would Rachel Dolezal be considered a f*ckboy.

Intro – Matt loudly sips tea, Joe raps, and we start talking ‘Weiner.’
17:47 – We argue over whose bloated corpse Ted Cruz resembles #HotCarDad
37:19 – It’s the 10th anniversary of Borat! So we talk about that. 
44:45 – Which Borat characters we feel the worst for
54:00 – We argue over whether a f*ckboi is different than a sadboi. What is a f*ckboi, anyway?
55:54 – “Is Rachel Dolezal a f*ckboi?” A Joe Sinclitico segment.
58:40 – CRYSTAL CORNER, which, this week, is actually an incredible article about an adult camp. 
1:15:00 – The perils of traveling alone