Frotcast 313: ‘Weiner’ And Borat, With Matt Lieb And Joe Sinclitico

Anthony Weiner was back in the news recently, sort of, so we take a look back on the incredible political documentary ‘Weiner,’ and see if it feels any different now, knowing what we know about him. After that we discuss ‘Borat,’ which turns 10 years old this week. Then we have Crystal Corner, which isn’t strictly about crystals this week, but adult Summer camp, which seems at least crystal adjacent. Guests include comedian Matt Lieb from Flophouse and the Star Wars Show, and Joe Sinclitico from Adam Devine’s House Party, with Vince Mancini and Brendan in the studio. Other topics include: whose bloated corpse does Ted Cruz most resemble, and would Rachel Dolezal be considered a f*ckboy.

Intro – Matt loudly sips tea, Joe raps, and we start talking ‘Weiner.’
17:47 – We argue over whose bloated corpse Ted Cruz resembles #HotCarDad
37:19 – It’s the 10th anniversary of Borat! So we talk about that. 
44:45 – Which Borat characters we feel the worst for
54:00 – We argue over whether a f*ckboi is different than a sadboi. What is a f*ckboi, anyway?
55:54 – “Is Rachel Dolezal a f*ckboi?” A Joe Sinclitico segment.
58:40 – CRYSTAL CORNER, which, this week, is actually an incredible article about an adult camp. 
1:15:00 – The perils of traveling alone