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Frotcast 115: Joe King Live, ‘We Need to Talk about Tevin’

We’re coming to Chicago November 3d! Mark your calendars! This week on the Frotcast, Joe King is LIVE IN THE FROTQUARTERS! Joe unveils that he no longer has a stage name, so meet Joe Sinclitico. Brendan reads us an email from his girlfriend’s mom about accidentally hitting a Chinese man in the nuts at Costco, we talk about Knuckle, the documentary about bare-knuckle gypsy brawlin’, and Joe answers some of your questions about his mom and being a porn cameraman. After that, Joe Kin– er, Sinclitico, pitches us some new movie ideas, and indulges his strange obsession with Tevin Campbell. After that, things get a little fuzzy. We discussed what ever happened to Dauber from Coach. We play some audio from Ryan Lochte’s crazy sister who seems to love a certain racial slur for Chinese people. At one point Joe accidentally stops the recording on my computer while he Googles Tevin Campbell stuff, so we lost about 15 minutes there, but hey, if you don’t enjoy total disasters, hey, I don’t know why you’d be listening to a Frotcast, especially one with Joe as the guest. Enjoy!

Filmdrunk 114: Laremy, Gathering of the Juggalos

We are coming to Chicago! 11/3 weekend at University of Chicago.

This week Ben returns from Bermuda, we bring Laremy Legel on and he brings some lists. We play a clip from the Gathering of the Juggalos, talk about Hard Knocks and Brendan’s NFL stories, listen to kids cry after a movie, and of course other Frotcast jackassery.

    00:01:20 – More information about the live Frotcasts in Chicago is revealed. The guys will be at the University of Chicago the weekend of November 3rd, with either Saturday/Sunday or Saturday/Monday shows. 80’s action films will be the theme, and you can choose from Commando, Predator, Over the Top, or The Running Man. The discussion on whether Stallone’s films are dumber than Arnold’s is brought up.
    00:07:23 – The guys have been really enjoying Hard Knocks on HBO, but they think the Dolphin’s head coach is the “uncool dad” type. Brendan shares some of his stories at training camp as a rookie for the Baltimore Ravens. They get into the topic of hazing, and talk about some of their favorite rookie haircuts.
    00:24:10 – Laremy gets blooped in to a surprise. He has created 2 lists specifically for the Frotcast: People who like to f*ck, and jobs he can currently get. The first lists includes various types of ninjas, a couple of actors, and people with disabilites. Kirk Cameron gets mentioned, and Laremy recently saw Celeste & Jesse Forever with Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg.
    00:39:26 – Reader question time. The guys are asked to solve an epic debate amongst friends: Road House vs Point Break, and Top Gun vs Days of Thunder. Vince plays the clip of the two blubbering kids who just saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Laremy shares an anecdote.
    00:56:17 – We get the first clip of footage from the Gathering of Juggalos featuring a guy getting hit with a stick for money. Another clip gets played from local news interview with a woman detailing her escape from an apartment fire, which eventually got the auto-tune treatment.
    01:05:06 – Laremy reads his jobs list, and he even included slogans for some of them. The party nap planner just might be the best. The guys bemoan loud motorcycles, and talk about getting defriended on Facebook.
    01:17:22 – Vince plays the millionth Call Me Maybe parody featuring the Chicago Young Republicans. As usual, there is some Newsroom talk, and Vince adds another show to his hate-watching list. Fake Bret makes an appearance talking about his favorite Latin species of squirrel, and Pre-Squirrel Fest.
    01:28:22 – Ben gives a recap on his trip to Bermuda, and gives his thoughts about his drunken bloop-in last week. The guys are bewildered with the device used at customs in Mexico airports.

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FilmDrunk 113: Report from Gathering of the Juggalos

This week on the Frotcast, we welcome San Francisco comic Alex Q. Huffman to the frotquarters, Ben surprise bloops in from Bermuda, and we talk to Michael Buhman and Dan, our correspondents who just got back from the Gathering of the Juggalos in Illinois. Alex tells us about traveling from Ohio to San Francisco, getting illegally evicted from his house and living in his car for more than a year, Ben bloops in drunk at 2 am in Bermuda, and we talk to Mike and Dan all about the Juggalo economy, Insane Clown Posse, underage girls, a guy selling toads, a gangbang on a bridge, and all the Juggaloism you can imagine. We talk Dave Mustaine’s conspiracy theories about the Aurora and Sikh shootings, and finish things off with the guy who burned Cheerios at the General Mills factory to protest gay marriage but then had a heart attack. I guess you could say that the theme was dark comedy.

BONUS: Klown Interview with Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen

As promised, here’s a bonus Frotcast, the audio of my interview with Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam, Danish comics and the stars of the Danish comedy, Klown, now in theaters from Drafthouse Films. The sound quality isn’t perfect, because I couldn’t bring a whole mixer with me, but I listened to it and the quality issues didn’t bother me too much. The first guy talking is Casper, the second guy is Frank. The girl’s voice (and keyboard clicking) are Brandy Fons, the publicist for Drafthouse. Enjoy!

Interview Part 1:

Interview Part 2:

Laremy’s Klown review:


Filmdrunk 112: Total Recall, Matthew Parker’s Prison Memoir

This week, we bring on Matthew Parker again to talk about his recently released book “Larceny in My Blood”, time in prison/ jail and answers listener questions. Ben talks about the shitty remake of Total Recall, Brendan does many impressions and talks about his Dad’s new train hobby (and hobbies for old retired dudes) as well as other standard Frotcastery.

    2 min – Ben gives his review of the new Total Recall film. Lets just say he won’t be recommending it to anyone. The guys spend more time listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s DVD commentary to the original film.
    12 min – It sounds like the details for the live Frotcasts in Chicago are almost finalized, but the crew is looking for recommendations for films to screen. Brendan adds some impersonations to his repertoire.
    16 MIn – A listener sends in an email about adjusting to Australia’s TV & film culture. There is some more Hobbit talk.
    20 min – Vince plays the trailer for Honey Boo Boo Child’s new show. The guys decide that people like this should be killed and served out of food trucks. Ben is still fascinated with the phenomena of food trucks. Brendan talks about his dad’s new hobby. Vince shares his odd experience in getting his bike fixed. The guys talk about some of their favorite SNL skits. They discuss some of the shows/programming that they are recently enjoying on television, and Brendan wonders why you drool more while taking a nap.
    51 min – Matthew Parker returns to the Frotcast to talk about his recently released graphic novel, the New York Times piece he wrote dealing with the issue of death penalties, and his interview with Mancow. He answers some listeners questions about the various aspects of life in prison, how it’s a microcosm of society, and how gangs are like corporations. Matthew also talks about his transition from prison to attending the prestigious writing program at Columbia. He also gets into some of the reviews that have come out looking for some sort redemption in his novel. Things finish up with some beat boxing.

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Filmdrunk 111: Laremy and Olympics

This week we are missing Bret, but we bring Laremy on to talk about the Olympics, the “new” list of top 10 movies, talk about dogs eating poop, listen to a voicemail, and talk about Chick-Fil-A rage.

    oo:00:53 – The Frotcast kicks off with Fake Bret, an Outward Bound experience leading to fecal impaction, and Fernet vs. Jagermeister. A listener calls in asking for advice about his dog’s poop eating, and Brendan and Vince share their own stories about their pets eating a particular kind of poop.
    00:08:57 – Laremy joins the Frotcast to discuss the Olympics. The guys talk about some of their least favorite events, the badminton controversy, talk nonsense about swimming, the lack of revealing outfits for volleyball, synchronized diving, and North Korea’s Olympic propaganda. Michael Jackson’s prodigy get brought up as well as Kim Jong Two.
    00:28:57 – Some more Newsroom talk, most specifically the LOL misunderstanding that Vince finds to be inconceivable. Laremy mentions his upcoming morning show segment: the best sports movies. This leads to the guys wondering what James Van Der Beek has been up to, and talk about You Tube comments sparked by Burnsy’s recent post on With Leather.
    00:37:52 – Vince brings up Sight & Sound’s Top 10 Greatest Films Of All Time list. The group talk about their disdain for credits before films, the 3 Hobbit films, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and what scenes they would like to see in The Hobbit films.
    00:54:06 – Laremy saw The Babymakers. Broke Lizard’s films get brought up. Ben is excited for the new Total Recall, and Brendan is put off by Kate Beckinsale’s teeth.
    00:59:50 – The guys dive into the Chick-fil-A controversy and things get a little political. 5 Guys gets some hate, the levels of kosher get revealed, and Ben is amazed at the phenomena of food trucks.

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