Filmdrunk 112: Total Recall, Matthew Parker’s Prison Memoir

This week, we bring on Matthew Parker again to talk about his recently released book “Larceny in My Blood”, time in prison/ jail and answers listener questions. Ben talks about the shitty remake of Total Recall, Brendan does many impressions and talks about his Dad’s new train hobby (and hobbies for old retired dudes) as well as other standard Frotcastery.

    2 min – Ben gives his review of the new Total Recall film. Lets just say he won’t be recommending it to anyone. The guys spend more time listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s DVD commentary to the original film.
    12 min – It sounds like the details for the live Frotcasts in Chicago are almost finalized, but the crew is looking for recommendations for films to screen. Brendan adds some impersonations to his repertoire.
    16 MIn – A listener sends in an email about adjusting to Australia’s TV & film culture. There is some more Hobbit talk.
    20 min – Vince plays the trailer for Honey Boo Boo Child’s new show. The guys decide that people like this should be killed and served out of food trucks. Ben is still fascinated with the phenomena of food trucks. Brendan talks about his dad’s new hobby. Vince shares his odd experience in getting his bike fixed. The guys talk about some of their favorite SNL skits. They discuss some of the shows/programming that they are recently enjoying on television, and Brendan wonders why you drool more while taking a nap.
    51 min – Matthew Parker returns to the Frotcast to talk about his recently released graphic novel, the New York Times piece he wrote dealing with the issue of death penalties, and his interview with Mancow. He answers some listeners questions about the various aspects of life in prison, how it’s a microcosm of society, and how gangs are like corporations. Matthew also talks about his transition from prison to attending the prestigious writing program at Columbia. He also gets into some of the reviews that have come out looking for some sort redemption in his novel. Things finish up with some beat boxing.

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