Frotcast 115: Joe King Live, ‘We Need to Talk about Tevin’

We’re coming to Chicago November 3d! Mark your calendars! This week on the Frotcast, Joe King is LIVE IN THE FROTQUARTERS! Joe unveils that he no longer has a stage name, so meet Joe Sinclitico. Brendan reads us an email from his girlfriend’s mom about accidentally hitting a Chinese man in the nuts at Costco, we talk about Knuckle, the documentary about bare-knuckle gypsy brawlin’, and Joe answers some of your questions about his mom and being a porn cameraman. After that, Joe Kin– er, Sinclitico, pitches us some new movie ideas, and indulges his strange obsession with Tevin Campbell. After that, things get a little fuzzy. We discussed what ever happened to Dauber from Coach. We play some audio from Ryan Lochte’s crazy sister who seems to love a certain racial slur for Chinese people. At one point Joe accidentally stops the recording on my computer while he Googles Tevin Campbell stuff, so we lost about 15 minutes there, but hey, if you don’t enjoy total disasters, hey, I don’t know why you’d be listening to a Frotcast, especially one with Joe as the guest. Enjoy!