316: Nocturnal Animals and Butt Stuff, with Matt Lieb and Laremy Legel

It’s Thanksgiving week, and since you’ll probably be going home to your families, we discussed Nocturnal Animals, Tom Ford’s accidental parody of how yuppies view rednecks and vice versa. Also, to help you work up an appetite, we talked a lot about impending butthole surgeries. Pretty typical Frotcast, really. Guests include Seattle’s finest film critic Laremy Legel and the Star Wars Show’s Matt Lieb (also of Flophouse and Newsbroke) joining Brendan and Vince in the studio. Thanks, and Frot on. Patreon.com/Frotcast

2:46 – A butthole teaser
3:30 – Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals, and the yearly “men shouldn’t wear shorts” news cycle.
7:00 – Matt Lieb attempts to explain the plot of Nocturnal Animals
9:32 – The first suggestion of a Joe’s Crab Shack bib (it becomes a thing)
17:00 – How Nocturnal Animals ruined Matt’s date.
20:20 – An update on the new butthole I’m getting. Bonus #content: Laremy’s fistula.
24:00 – The Brendan laughing fit of the week, upon finding out about Matt’s adolescent experimenting with butt stuff.
31:00 – More sad details from Matt Lieb’s dating life.
33:18 – Laremy discusses the Oasis movie, which leads us into Matt and Laremy’s troubled relationships with their own brothers, which is hilarious to me as an only child.
45:16 – Matt talks Skype sex
48:00 – About the point at which I stopped adding time stamps