Filmdrunk 82: The Artist, Manswers, Joe’s Movie Pitches

Apologies for losing the 2nd half of last week’s two part Frotcast. This week we get into Burnsy’s Corner, and bring on Joe King.

    00:01:41 – Vince briefly discusses The Artist, and brings up legendary actress Kim Novak wanting to report a rape due the films use of the Vertigo score. It’s not surprising the Armond White agrees with. Mr. White also made the news recently for heckling during the NY Film Critics Circle ceremony.
    00:09:03 – We check out some clips from Manswers, which reminds us of Ow! My Balls from Idiocracy, and have some fun with our own fake Manswers.
    00:18:53 – Burnsy’s Corner brings us a clip of the new star and Mountain Dew addict of Toddlers and Tiaras. We’re visited by a Miami Heat fan, and returning guest, Mr. Lee Roth. Somehow the Bible comes up, and Burnsy plays a cover of Nelson’s cherished classic by Kids Incorporated.
    00:57:41 – We discuss commercial campaigns the insult the intelligence of heterosexual males.
    01:06:36 – Joe King pitches us his movie ideas. Joe and Vince talk shop about some of the terrible places they’ve done stand-up.

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