Best of 2011 Frotcast

Welcome to the “Not Quite Best of” Best of 2011. There were many requests but not everything could be included…so, blame the intern if this doesn’t meet your approval. Big thanks to Laremy, Robopanda, and listener Matt B for their input. All music is from Burnsy’s Corner, well, except for one song.

    00:00:51 – We kick things of with some Frotcast lore: the introduction to poop transplants, a bizarre (or normal) trip to Vegas, a vivid description of the aliens from Cowboys and Aliens, and a certain kind of hair removal. [Hint: It’s butthole Nairing!]
    00:18:38 – The guys discuss the law of the streets, a group film review goes awry, Brendan’s interaction with a creepy guy at a bachelor party, and “Erection, your onion,” — the Swedish gibberish episode, a must-listen.
    00:37:10 – We listen to the banshee known as Jesse Jane at the AVN Awards, a tribute to Fake Bret, lothario Brendan discusses his love making skills, what happens when you introduce a banana phone into a poop transplant procedure, and the guys learn some interesting facts about Thomas Kinkade, the painter of light.
    00:55:22 – The only way to review Tower Heist is with Jamaican accents, the amazing talents of Cytheria, and don’t take the law into your own hands: take ’em to haters court.
    01:16:33 – MMA attributes, Lindy reads the writings of Drunken Expat Writer, fun with Shia Labeouf’s name, the eeriest (yet spot on) impersonation of Willem Dafoe, and Vince gets frustrated at Comic-Con.
    Bonus track – Lindy West gets drunk, and inadvertently starts the “Kirk Douglas’s corpse going down a log flume with a boner mini-meme.”