Filmdrunk 83: Carnage, The Iron Lady, with comedian Matt Louv

This week we have the museum of comedy Matt Louv live in the Frotquarters to discuss comedy, movies, Marky Mark preventing 9/11, Brendan’s impersonations, listener calls, listener emails, other jackassery, and Bret’s bag o’ bones.

    00:02:02 – Flashback to the incident during Vince’s stand-up where Brendan confronted a guy, and Matt was there to witness it.
    00:05:15 – We take a listen to some voicemails: one fan with a pulse on the humanity vents about Fake Bret, the real Bret receives a backhanded compliment, Ben gets called a c*nt, and the Mighty Feklhr sends in a koi call.
    00:17:44 – We have a brief talk about the exciting Niners’ win from this past weekend. Vince had an interesting viewing of the Maggie Thatcher biopic, Iron Lady. Matt and Vince discuss Carnage, Roman Polanski’s newest film, and we play a fun little guessing game dealing with the film. Vince plays a new clip from MANswers that leads us to Robert Palmer’s Simply Irresistible, Matt shares some stories about running a theater, and Brendan adds some more impersonations to his repertoire.
    01:02:13 – We talk about Marky Mark hypothetically stopping 9/11 (never forget), his wicked childhood, and him no longer needing to wank it.
    01:11:14 – Justin Halpern sent in an email to follow up from episode 81, we answer a relationship question, and the issue of Vince losing his virginity comes up.

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