262: We Are Your Friends, Suge Knight, Dread Zeppelin, with Jason Dove

This week, we’re joined by video game champion/comedian/podcaster/documentarian Jason Dove, who tells us about his documentary about Dread Zeppelin, and his long journey into novelty music. The mash-up concept fits perfectly with the film I saw this week, We Are Your Friends. Other topics include the Suge Knight-Eazy E AIDS conspiracy, and the random “I’m Leaving You” essay generator. Enjoy!
00 – Bret’s new job. “Same old trash, brand new dumpster.”
5:30 – Fun with “Leaving Everywhere,” Darius Kazemi’s bot that automatically generates “Why I’m Leaving _____” essays for every city using the 2013 American Community Survey.
13:30 – I discuss the Most San Francisco Street incident that I witnessed the other day, where a wannabe hall monitor waiting for the bus tried to drought shame a guy using a hose to clean the sidewalk, at which point he became indignant and called her a “snitch ass twat.” All while I live tweeted it from my fire escape. 
26:15 – Matt Lieb turns Korn into Uptown Girl
27:30 – I play the trailer for We Are Your Friends for the gang and then we discuss We Are Your Friends.
41:00 – We talk about our new favorite conspiracy theory, that Suge Knight killed Eazy E by injecting him with AIDs.
48:38 – Jason Dove talks about the documentary he’s making about Dread Zeppelin, a group that turns Zeppelin tunes into reggae songs with a 300-pound Elvis impersonator for a lead singer. 
49:00 – Brief interlude with Matt Lieb’s new character, “Kevin the guy in the office no one really likes.”
1:21:00 – We talk about Bret and I’s favorite musical games, including out-of-order Tom Petty lyrics, and new lines for “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.” (Try it at home!)
1:25:00 – Your emails.