263: Idris Elba Too Street For Bond-Gate & Hard Knocks with Laremy

Just Vince and Laremy talking movies, sports, and the VMAs this week! Topics include the VMAs, Hard Knocks, Idris Elba/James Bond-gate, The Danish Girl, and more. #Content!

2:00 – We get deep about Laremy’s Bell’s Palsy
6:00 – Laremy wants to know about my trip to Montana
9:00 – I tell Laremy about the German lady crashing her ATV.
17:40 – Laremy gives us his long-awaited thoughts on Straight Outta Compton.
23:00 – Laremy and I argue about Southpaw.
29:50 – The great “is Iris Elba too street to play James Bond” debate.
37:54 – Laremy has discovered the new most asinine NFL column ever written.
43:30 – Hard Knocks talk
48:50 – The VMAs and Miley Cyrus (did you guys know she f*cks now?).
52:35 – Laremy tries to sell me on Josh Gad.
54:35 – I read Josh Gad’s brilliant treatise on why Mike Nichols and Bill Cosby are different people.
1:11:00 – We pour one out for the now-defunct Brad and Laremy on movies 🙁
1:13:45 – I pose the question: what’s more potentially Oscar-baity, Cate Blanchett playing Lucille Ball in an Aaron Sorkin movie or Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl.