264: Terrence Howard Math, Steve Rannazzisi on 9/11, Draft Kings, and Bad Festival Q&As

Did you miss the core Frot crew? Close to a full house this week with Vince, Bret, Brendan, and Matt Lieb all back in the Frotquarters to talk Steve Rannazzisi on 9/11, bad festival Q&A questions, Terrence Howard, and Draft Kings.com, the official sponsor of everything repetitive and terrible.

1:12 – We introduce our new fake sponsor, Draft Kings.com

5:00 – Brendan and Bret review the Lightning Elemental Pilsner I got for BeerDrunk last week.

8:20 – Brendan is still angry how often he has had to see that Draft Kings ad.

8:54 – The Tech Awfulness Update: Remember Leap, the fancy San Franciso bus company? Wellll, they’re bankrupt. That was fast, wasn’t it?

16:00 – We read our favorite parts of the Australian Monday Night Football live blog.

22:56 – Brendan finally gets to weigh in about Straight Outta Compton.

27:30 – A lengthy discussion of bad movie Q&As: why are they so terrible? Are terrible questions peculiar to movies, or does this happen at any question and answer session? People who ask terrible questions: do they ask them everywhere, or just about movies? Discuss.

41:13 – An example of a bad Q & A question that nearly kills Brendan.

51:50 – Matt Lieb shows up and we talk about his visit to Kink.com, and the complicated politics of BDSM.

1:02:45 – We talk about Steve Rannazzisi’s fake 9/11 story, with Bret dubbing him a “9/11 Non-Truther.” We decide Draft Kings.com is the official sponsor of 9/11.

1:13:15 – We accidentally discover a new character, “Truther Jerry Seinfeld,” and it almost kills Brendan. We have to take a recess while he composes himself.

1:14:23 – Terrence Howard and his controversial math theory.

1:24:00 – We finish off with your emails, including a strangely heartwarming success story about anal sex. The power of the frotcast is real!