235: Laremy, Matt Lieb’s New Haircut

We open this week discussing Matt Lieb’s new haircut, which makes him a dead ringer for Lena Dunham’s boyfriend, Fun guitarist Jack Antonoff. This naturally leads to ‘Girls’ infamous butt-eating (analingus) scene, which seems to have been written just for Matt. Who famously eats so much butt he has a bib with a picture of a butt on it. Just keeping things high brow like always.

After that, the Space Dockett includes: the politicization of Facebook, ‘Frank,’ and Film.com’s Laremy Legel joins us to talk about Michael Mann’s ‘Blackhat,’ aka Thordfish (thanks to commenter Erswi for that one). And did I mention Ben is back in the studio??? Enjoy, and Frot on.