Bad Comedy Men, With Drew Magary – 351

Columnist Drew Magary wrote in GQ this week, “Why are all the comedy men so awful?” And was immediately deluged with indignant comedy men, averring that they were not defensive. “I am not mad, I am actually laughing.” Questions remain. Is comedy especially bad or just a symptom of society? Did comedians screw up or did we screw up pretending they were sage truth tellers? Is a laugh an endorsement of a higher truth, or the teller’s personal life? And hey, what’s the deal with airline food? Comedians Matt Lieb and Joe Sinclitico also join, to talk Louis CK, the season finale of Nathan for You, the latest creepo allegations — against Sylvester Stallone — and answer your emails. Donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast, email us at frotcast at g mail dot com. Frot on! 

4:36 – Drew’s article and the blowback

8:35 – Matt Lieb joins

39:27 – Talking the Nathan For Your Season Finale

46:00 – Email questions

1:08:00 – Joe runs down the Sylvester Stallone allegations