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Frotcast 174: Vince, Bret and Burnsy

What is up Frotcast Fans, 

It is your favorite cancer patient Ben. Unfortunately, I did not join the crew for this Frotcast. The chemo has me feeling pretty crappy. Fear not- Vince, Bret and Burnsy held it down. Also- I am getting through this chemo crap, just not the most fun thing I have ever done. Thank you all for the support, kind words and concern. The internet love warms this cold Jew’s heart (with flakes of gold). 

I hope to return next week. Until then, enjoy this week’s show. I am not quite sure what happened except that Vince blooped in Burnsy and Bret. Brendan was busy buying a house with a bidet in it. 

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As always- Frot On and Frotstrong,

Filmdrunk 173: Matt Lieb, Gravity and the Name Game

This week all 5 Frotsmen saw Gravity. Not shockingly we all loved it. We do read some reviews of dissenters who didn’t enjoy Gravity like most of us. We finish up the Name Game that was cut off a few weeks ago- picking our favorite names of the year. Vince reads some listener emails, and we finish up with Matt Lieb’s new found love of Quicksand Porn. Frot on and Frotstrong! 

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Frotcast 172: Burnsy’s Corner, This is 40, The Next Toddler Rap Star

This week we welcome back Frotcast regular Ashley Burns, as we step into Burnsy’s Corner. He lets us know about all of the hottest kid rappers in the streetz right now. 

Vince, Ben and Bret all saw This is 40, and review that at the beginning of the Frot. 

Brendan shows up in the middle after his massage/ chiro appointment high on life. Then we finish up with some listener emails. 

Frot on and #Frotstrong. 

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Frotcast 171: Fantastic Fest, Name Draft, Zombie Movies

This week, Vince returns from Fantastic Fest to discuss what went down and the movies he saw and the FilmDrunkards he met, and shooting shotguns with Keanu Reeves. Ben is near Stanford for chemo, but he saw World War Z, which he discusses, which leads us into our favorite zombie movies.

We answer a couple of your email questions, including the guy who tells us what it’s like living next to Guy Fieri, and a question about whether teams like the Redskins should change their name. We talk about the girl on a quest to make 300 sandwiches for her loser boyfriend, and whether we were disappointed about Horse E-Books, and finish things off with a truncated version of the Name Draft. To be continued….

Frotcast 170: Matt Lieb in Frotquarters

This week on the Frotcast, one of our favorite local comedians Matt Lieb joins us in Frotquarters. Brendan talks about watching football with super conservatives, Jaden Smith and Tyler Perry have an Existential Buffon-off, Ben shares what its like to go to store sperm, we read listener emails, and play some clips. Frot on! 

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Frotcast 169: Laremy Reports from TIFF

This week on the Frot, we read your emails – the Listener Word Bucket – and play “guess the fake movie opening this weekend.” We talk a little about Ben’s impending chemo – #FROTSTRONG – and then we’ve got the weekly clip down, with some damn fine local news coverage. Finally, we bring on’s most Juggalo’d out film critic, Laremy Legel, recently returned from the Toronto Film Festival to tell us all about the highs, lows, and the blogger 911 calls.

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Frotcast 168: Fantasy Oscar Draft with Matt Ufford

This week on the Frotcast, we have on favorite Matt Ufford and have the first annual Fantasy Oscars Draft where we pick 2 movies and 1 actor each based on how much Oscar Bait they have. We then transition into fantasy football, of which Matt is now a paid expert. We read some listener emails, and Vince plays a clip from The Pitch. 

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Frot on! 

Frotcast 167: Jonathan Daniel Brown

This week on the Frotcast, Ben tells us about his ball removal surgery, we bring on Jonathan Daniel Brown who interned for Pauly Shore and went to Corey Feldman’s birthday party, listen to clips from the Pitch and Real Sports, and read some listener emails. Frot on!

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Frotcast Bonus: Edgar Wright Interview

Here’s your bonus Frotcast, my interview with Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World). The final film in his Cornetto trilogy, The World’s End, opens this Friday, and we talk about his tendency to actually engage with nerd/fanboy culture, the qualities that make him a film director, whether Simon Pegg is actually “the serious one” in their relationship, his upcoming gig directing Ant Man for Marvel (coming 2015), and whether he knows the plural of “thesis.” Enjoy, and check out The World’s End August 23rd!

Frotcast 166: Return from The Gathering, Dr Chauntelle

This week we have the whole crew on the Frotcast. Vince and Ben have returned alive from the Gathering of the Juggalos and tell some stories from their adventures there. Brendan got another dog and lets us know the experience he went through to get dog #2. Then we bring on Dr Chauntelle who has been studying pornography from a sociological perspective. Bret, Ben and Vince all saw Elysium which Vince liked the most. Ben and Bret both enjoyed the visuals but felt the story was weak. Ben shares some medical news he got this week. Then we finish up with some more stories from The Gathering. Frot on!

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