Frotcast 195: Grantland’s Andrew Sharp, Troll Article Writer Extraordinaire

What makes a good troll article? How can you write a fake sports column that sounds believable enough to fool half the people, while being a hilarious parody to the other half? Grantland’s Andrew Sharp, former writer of SB Nation’s “Troll Tuesday,” current writer of Grantland’s #HotSportsTakes, joins us on this week’s Frotcast to explain. We get the skinny on who he’s fooled, who he’s pissed off, and who he’s sleeping with (maybe). Vince, Brendan, and Matt Lieb are in the Frotquarters this week. We also cover Matt’s drop-in set at City Hall to do gentrification comedy (no, seriously), why San Francisco is full of bossy pricks, the return of “DEEZ NUTS,” the most recent 30 for 30, and UFC 172. ENJOY!