Filmdrunk 110: Dark Knight Rises

This week on the Frotcast, we bring on Matt Lieb to talk about The Dark Knight Rises (about 43 minutes in – Spoiler Alert), we listen to clips from Newsroom, discuss people burning their feet at Tony Robbins’ Super Villain Seminar, and play a clip from Joe King’s upcoming podcast.

    00:01:20 – Vince starts things off by introducing guest Matt Lieb with a clip of his stand-up where he offends an audience member. Joe King is testing the podcast waters with an idea of interviewing old people, and Vince plays a clip of Joe talking to his mom and grandmother about movies. There’s some talk about drugs, a classic episode of Intervention, adventures in the Tenderloin, and peacock blood feathers.
    00:24:45 – Vince brought some Newsroom clips this week featuring the usual internet hate and some Rush Limbaugh outrage. The guys talk some more drugs, especially about the craft and science behind obtaining/injecting them, and that one drug that makes your skin fall off.
    00:35:22 – Banana hands Tony Robbins made the news this week for one of his seminars where people suffered burns from walking on hot coals.
    00:43:10 – The Dark Knight Rises talk. There be spoilers.
    00:54:12 – It’s been a while, but Armond White gets discussed. This week he wrote a piece about the Aurora incident, the media’s focus on gun control, and Christopher Nolan’s films. The guys talk about causal relationships with culture and media, social commentary, sociopaths, ambiguity and conflict in films, and majoring in Communications. Fake Bret makes an appearance.
    01:18:54 – The guys get into the hot topic of K-Stew cheating on R-Patz, the subsequent public apology, the Shrek of Twilight, K-Stew’s attractiveness and perceived personality, and the actual films themselves. Bret got caught reading Vogue, Matt talks about forcing himself to watch a Tyler Perry movie, and some more dog talk.

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