257: Comic-Con Exclusives, Ant-Man, and Suicide Squad with Laremy and Burnsy

Brendan, Bret, and Matt Lieb are out this week (illnesses and extenuating circumstances, couldn’t be helped), but in their place we’ve got Laremy Legel and Ashley Burns joining via Skype. As well as SO MUCH #CONTENT. Turns out, when Matt isn’t around to discuss his sex life, you go deep into the actual Issues of the Day. I’m on the fence about whether this is a good thing. The Ant-Man spoilers are very light, but if you want to avoid them completely, skip from the 27-minutes mark to 34 and you’ll miss everything.
4:44: This week’s fanboy cry sesh: Comic-Con exclusives! Are they exclusive enough anymore? 
5:25: Hey, what ever happened to Nikki Finke?
19:46: Suicide Squad trailer
23:00: C-Tates helping Stan Lee offstage at Comic-Con, and the future of Stan Lee cameos. Like if Stan Lee dies, will Andy Serkis help digitally recreate a Stan Lee cameo?
26:43: First mention of Ant-Man
27:26: Ant-Man end-credits scene spoiler!
28:08: Another Ant-Man end-credits scene spoiler. (sort of. ends about about 28:40)
33:09 – 33:45 Very vague Ant-Man spoilers.
34:50 – 35:30 More slight, vague Ant-Man spoilers.
37:33: Burnsy has a story about meeting a guy from O-Town who is also named Ashley.
38:57: Trainwreck and Judd Apatow. Does he add Melissa-McCarthy-shitting-in-the-street scenes into lady-centric movies to sell them to dudes, or is he just getting blamed for something that’s someone else’s doing? 
45:35: Peter Berg and Caitlyn Jenner
50:05: We try to parse my new favorite RottenTomatoes pull quote. “I’m not sure who’s most responsible for Trainwreck’s ultimate timidity, for the mordant ribaldry evinced in the first half hour or so inexorably oozing into couple-y goo.”
1:09:35: Question from the emails: What is the most 90s movie?