342: Ed Zitron And ‘Lucy’

Luc Besson’s filmography includes such classics as La Femme Nikita, The Professional, The 5th Element, and… uh… Lucy, that one where Scarlett Johansson accidentally ingests some drugs and becomes the human embodiment of the galaxy brain meme. You know how you can only use 10% of your brain? What if Scarlett Johansson could use 100%? Self-hating PR pro Ed Zitron joins Brendan, Matt, and Vince this week as the Frotcast’s first British guest (citation needed?). Other topics include crying Nazis, Tales from NPR, and the Royalty Freestyle. Donate at PATREON DOT COM SLASH FROTCAST! Thanks and Frot on.

00:00 – Talking ‘Lucy’

29:00 – Tales from NPR (PRI, in this case, but whatev): The worst podcast ad ever

35:00 – Crying Nazis

1:20:00 – The Royalty Freestyle, with Matt Lieb