Frotcast 186: The Great Chicken Wing Hunt

This week on the Frotcast, we’re joined in studio by comedian David Gborie and on Skype by Matthew Reynolds, director and star of The Great Chicken Wing Hunt. Matt quit his job as a Reuters writer in Slovakia and dragged his Slovakian girlfriend back to his hometown of Buffalo to make a documentary about a search for the world’s best chicken wing, a cockamamie adventure that saw him spend 16 days in an RV with a Slovakian film crew, a professional eater, and a handful of odd fellas that all decided to dedicate their lives to chicken wings.

We also talk about Thomas Vinterberg’s ‘The Hunt’ which we all watched on Netflix, and David Gborie tells us about his time with Juggalos in Denver, and the year in high school he spent living in a slum in Sierra Leone.

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