296: Jon Snow Is An Idiot, A Cave Full Of Babies

Matt Lieb, Brendan, Bret, and Vince Mancini in the Frotquarters this week, talking Alex Jones, Game of Thrones, a Tod Maffin Update, Crystal Corner, and some wonderful improvised songs sung to royalty-free music. 

Opening – Matt got a traffic ticket, from a cop who wasn’t even in a car.
6:15 – My terrible Alex Jones impression and our weekly Alex Jones-ridicule session. Also, Alex Jones’ fans are now apparently accusing him of being Jewish.
10:00 – We started talking about Anomalisa, but then Daniel Plainview showed up for some reason. 
14:03 – Game of Thrones talk! Were you “fist pumping the entire time” during this past episode or did you think it kind of felt like half-ass Braveheart? Has Jon Snow learned nothing? Discuss! Or don’t! [SPOILERS FOR 10 MINUTES]
25:39 – An inexplicable detour into Smash Mouth
31:30 – Matt got into a fight over Ghandi. Topic – does modern discourse allow for enough nuance that a public figure can be both good and bad??
37:33 – In what’s becoming a recurring segment, Brendan has some tales from public radio. 
41:42 – The Tod Maffin Update. Today, how to identify millennials hoo-mons.
54:20 – CRYSTAL CORNER. Brendan and Bret derive irrational joy from the theme song. 
59:28 – Matt Lieb improvises lyrics to royalty-free internet songs!
1:01:44 – A song for listener Radd about his brother who isn’t good at fantasy football
1:05:42 – A song for Justin, about HIS brother, who is a teacher, and is getting married. WARNING, EXPLICIT LYRICS. AND GRUNTING.
1:08:29 – A song for AP. It’s a nice light-hearted number about stealing babies and putting them in a cave.
1:14:00 – Your emails.