Frotcast 295: Primer, OJ: Made In America, Vince’s Staph Infection, and Megan Fox

Big topics this week include Primer (2004), Megan Fox in Crystal Corner, OJ: Made in America, and of course my staph infection, and also getting in a car accident on the way to the hospital to be treated for said staph infection. But of course, most of the brilliance was off-topic, including Matt Lieb’s improvised song about eczema, a collaborative Beach Boys song about Jewish conspiracies, and a return visit from El Chapo, who has become addicted to heroin. Que pena. 

Intro – Matt reading mommy blogs to learn about his allergies, leading to a spirited rendition of “The Job Interview Song (Tie Sharona)”
5:30 – I talk about my staph infection, and becoming the Staph Curry of bursa infections. (Fun fact: I got in a car accident on the way to the hospital for my staph infection)
17:55 – Matt had scabies on his penis
21:10 – Brendan got crabs when he was 10. 
23:50 – Beginning of “Okay, Shut Up,” with this week’s topic, Primer (2004). Or, “Bret Explains The Plot of Primer, A Movie The Rest Of Us Didn’t Understand.” 
28:50 – Do we call this style of characterization “human adjacent?”
39:07 – Crystal Corner: Megan Fox
53:00 – Emails, and our new Crystal Corner theme music
56:43 – Matt Sings Songs
1:00:40 – A wonderful improvised song about eczema
1:14:00 – Brief thoughts on OJ: Made In America
1:24:25 – More of your emails
1:34:37 – An Irish listener schools us on some Irish misconceptions surrounding circumcisions.
1:46:03 – We get a visit from heroin addict El Chapo