280: Chi-Raq, with Kaseem Bentley

Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq, about a women’s movement to withhold sex to stop gang violence, is now free on Amazon Prime. And now, comedian Kaseem Bentley talking about it is free on the FilmDrunk Frotcast. Matt Lieb and Bret are also in the studio with me, Vince Mancini, for possibly the most #content-filled Frotcast ever recorded. 
3:40 – Matt Lieb tells us about what hot new jokes the comedians in LA are telling. 15:00 – Kaseem Bentley arrives, and immediately roasts Matt for not acknowledging him in McDonald’s (allegedly). 19:15 – Kaseem starts roasting everyone in earnest.25:30 – False start on Chi-raq talk, Kaseem gets distracted and starts laying into me about what a pussy I am. 31:30 – Beyonce’s alleged Red Lobster conspiracy, according to Kaseem.34:45 – The story of Stevie Wonder buying some cocaine from one of Kaseem’s friends.43:57 – We actually start talking about Chi-raq.1:01:05 – Kaseem and Matt reprise Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase, the first appearance of Matt Lieb’s new character, “Jefferson from San Rafael.”1:05:10 – More terrifying stories about Matt Lieb’s dad.1:25:20 – Kaseem may have convinced Bret that he’s been wrong about Bamboozled all of these years.