Frotcast 281: Crybaby Startup Guy, Grammies, and Vinyl, with Jane Harrison

Comedian Jane Harrison joins Matt, Vince, and Bret this week, to talk Donald Trump, a whiny startup founder’s crybaby letter to San Francisco mayor Ed Lee, the Grammies and Johnny Depp’s “Hollywood Vampires,” Vinyl, and Chelsea Peretti at the Crunchies. Also, the sound should be better this week, I think I finally got my compression settings worked out. Hooray for #Content!
00:00 – Donald Trump’s incredible stump speeches, which are like a comedian who doesn’t try to be funny and only does crowd work. 12:15 – Understanding Trump’s appeal vis a vis political correctness.15:40 – Whiny crybaby San Francisco start-up founder writes crappy open letter to the mayor about the homelessness problem. 27:53 – Vince’s devil’s advocate theory, finding 2% of common ground with even the assholiest a-holes.42:08 – Grammy talk. Sub-question, why does everyone suddenly know what Hamilton is? 48:40 – Matt Lieb raps about Alexander Hamilton51:30 – Is Kendrick Lamar and other rap over as soon as we discover it? Discuss.59:13 – Talking Johnny Depp and the Hollywood Vampires.1:10:35 – Irish accents, for some reason.1:12:42 – We talk Vinyl, on HBO. Should Andrew Dice Clay always have just been an actor?1:18:50 – A visit from the Queen (I am sorry).