288: Siamese Beams, with Joe Sinclitico

Imagine you’ve dedicated more than half your life to something, forgoing comfort and taking a vow of poverty only to toil in obscurity, and then one day, all your dreams come true! That’s what happened to our guest Joe Sinclitico, who’s been doing comedy for 20 years – no agent, no development deals, no sitcom guest appearances – but now, tonight, on Adam Devine’s House Party on Comedy Central, he makes his national television debut. Other topics include Billy Corgan’s appearance on conspiracy pimp Alex Jones’ radio show, in which they discuss “SJWs” (social justice warriors). A little segment we like to call “Siamese Beams.” We also talk HBO’s Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill movie, Confirmation, and answer your relationship questions. Enjoy, Frot on, and write us an iTunes review! Patreon.com/frotcast

4:05 – Billy Corgan on Alex Jones, aka “Siamese Beams.” 
20:10 – Joe Sinclitico shows up. 
30:55 – Joe’s pitch for an untitled buddy comedy starring Osama Bin Laden and Pat Sajak. Or Pat Morita, hard to say. 
45:00 – I talk about bringing Joe to Phil Rosenthal’s house for pizza. 
1:02:40 – We talk about HBO’s new Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill movie, Confirmation.
1:15:20 – Name Of The Year Draft Update
1:19:04 – Local news story of the week: The “alcoholocaust” drinking game, a Jews v. Nazis version of beer pong. 
1:24:10 – Listener relationship question about a making a platonic friend on Tinder. Cool or not cool? 
1:36:26 – Strong voicemail in which a listener may have inadvertantly put himself on a watch list.