286: The Mormon Name Spelling Game, Batman V Hair, SFSU Dreadlock Fight

So much #Content this week! We talk about Batman V Superman and the movie trend of “climactic hair cutting.” Using actual Mormon names from 2015, we play the Mormon Name Spelling Game. We break down the SFSU fight over white guy dreads and cultural appropriation. But mostly we let Matt Lieb digress into weird sex stuff. 

6:50 – The “climactic hair cutting” movie cliche, and Jesse Eisenberg actually getting asked what it’s like to have to cut his hair.
14:15 – What a “previously on the Frotcast” montage might sound like. 
15:00 – Matt Lieb saw Batman V Superman (brief spoilers, we warn you before)
27:10 – The Year in Mormon Names, including the Mormon name spelling bee
41:00 – The Name Of the Year draft update and early results
52:00 – A lengthy digression about squirting and why Matt Lieb needs to watch videos of people dying after he watches porn.
1:00:00 – Emily Ratajkowski and Kim Kardashian getting topless together. 
1:10:36 – We go deep on the viral video out of SF State in which a black student confronts a white student with dreadlocks for culturally appropriating.