285: Batman V Superman, Name Of The Year Draft, Worst 90s Songs

This episode is a feast of #CONTENT! Sh*t My Dad Says author Justin Halpern joins us to discuss Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the worst songs of the ’90s, and then Brendan returns for our fourth annual Name of the Year draft. Enjoy!

1:35 – Batman V Superman talk (no spoilers). As Bret says, “that is a long dawn, my friend.”
3:00 – Justin Halpern explains what Batman V Superman-mania looks like on the Warner lot.
13:00 – Our picks for the worst songs of the 1990s. But first, Justin has an incredible Papa Roach story.
17:10 – Brendan returns! 
29:00 – Matt Lieb has some thoughts on Korn. 
42:00- Back, by popular demand, it’s the Name of the Year Draft.
1:00:00 – We talk about Katt Williams almost getting choked out by a teen.