284: How to Deal with A-Holes, with Jane Harrison and Laremy

Vince is back from SXSW, and joined by Bret and Jane Harrison (of Viceland’s Flophouse) to talk about how to deal with A-holes in a public situation, be they texting in movies or heckling at comedy shows. Seattle film critic Laremy Legel Skypes in to talk about Deadpool and other movie topics. Enjoy our #content

2:10 – Made it a whole two minutes without talking about Jane’s pussy worms from last week. Impressive!
4:00 – Janes makes fun of me for my shirt with a bear on it – we try to define what makes a silly shirt “ironic.”
10:45 – SXSW and GDC: Bret and I discuss the intense impulse to melvin nerds at tech conferences.
13:00 – Taking Skype calls on an airplane, this is the world we live in now.
15:39 – My first-hand account of Doug Benson forcibly removing a movie texter, and what that teaches us about how to deal with assholes and hecklers.
23:15 – North Korea’s super weird video of the college kid (Otto Warmbier) they sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for trying to steal a banner. 
32:00 – Jane experiments on chat roulette, which does still exist. 
34:19 – Laremy joins via Skype
36:15 – Would Queer Eye For The Straight Guy be allowed today?
37:38 – Laremy experiences San Francisco homeless. What city has the most aggressive homeless?
47:30 – Bret has no interest in Deadpool. Is he wrong? 
57:00 – Internet commenters HATE Flophouse on Viceland. Is that show a perfect storm of things internet commenters would hate?
1:06:00 – Unintentional sarcastiquotes in BBC headlines