283: The Comedians Of Viceland’s ‘Flophouse,’ the Anti-Circumcision Lobby, and ‘The Witch’

We go INSIDE THE COMEDIAN’S STUDIO this week, or inside the comedian’s flophouse, anyway, in honor of Matt Lieb and Jane Harrison’s television debuts on Viceland’s Flophouse (airs March 17th). Did you know they named the first episode after a Matt Lieb bit? He’s big time now. After that, we talk about Jane’s Bad Date with Rad Tad the Dog-Faced Bartender (and modern dating in general), discuss Chris Rock’s Oscars monologue, we try to get to the bottom of vocal anti-circumcisioners (with whom Matt recently publicly feuded), talk THE WITCH and answer your emails.

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00:00 – SHOWBIZ: We discuss the story behind Matt and Jane’s appearance on Viceland’s new series, Flophouse.
18:11 – MODERN LOVE: Jane explains her lame date with Rad Tad the Dog-Faced Bartender, who quickly becomes a character.
28:41 – THE OSCARS: We discuss Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett, and last week’s Oscars
36:50 – EL CHAPO drops by.
40:15 – CIRCUMCISION FLAME WAR: Matt describes his recent flame war with the anti-circumcision lobby. We try to get to the bottom of this particular interest group. Is it vaguely anti-semitic? Are they cousins of anti-vaxxers and people who are into crystals? Discuss.
1:06:28 – THE VVITCH. Bret and Jane saw The Witch, and we discuss.