UNLOCKED: Frotcast 525, Pulling The Mucus Plug On James Corden

Howdy, Frot fans. I’m sick this week and Matt is still on sa-brat-tical, which is terrible news for us, but great news for the free-feed piggies. Since I don’t feel like recording a new Frotcast this week, I’m unlocking last week’s for all the non-subscribers. Hopefully this will convince you to finally subscribe, so you can receive amazing episodes like this right when they come out. Meanwhile, we’re still releasing new Pod Yourself The Wire episodes free every week. You can get those right on time when you’re a subscriber too! So do it! Patreon.com/Frotcast.

Matt is still out on sa-brat-ical taking care of his newborn, but never fear, Joe Sinclitico and Laremy Legal are here, and we’ve got all kinds of #content. Joe has just discovered the concept of the mucus plug, so we all have a pretty good time with that one. After that, we get into the latest Olivia Wilde revelations, like giving away her dog and the fact that she apparently has a special salad dressing. From there we get into the celebrity nannying industry and how lucrative it apparently is (very!). That leads us into Danny Masterson’s trial, which made us realize that there are still some things about Scientology we didn’t know. Who knew! From there, Joe regales us with his review of ‘Thirteen Lives’ about the Thai cave boys, and Laremy has seen The Redeem Team which makes me rant about Kobe Bryant again. Oh, and of course we couldn’t leave without discuss James Corden, his restaurant ban, all-yolk omelets, and his poor attempts at damage control. Enjoy!