UNLOCKED: Frotcast 586 – Everyone’s Mad and No One Knows Why

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Good evening, cowards (this is a joke explained in the episode).Jerry Seinfeld says he couldn’t away with all those edgy Seinfeld episodes nowadays because people are so woke and leftist! I mean WHAT. IS. THE DEAL? We try to figure out what Jerry is angry about or if he’s even angry at all in this week’s installment of Today’s Dumb Story Everyone Is Talking About For Some Reason. Why don’t they build the WHOLE PLANE out of wokness. You also won’t want to miss the story about what Kirstie Alley’s parents were wearing when they died in a car crash. We take some time to meet the man who called his city council leaders “fat, ugly b*tches” and learn all about his tick-removing device and why he’s so mad about someone trying to fill the potholes in his Finally, we’ve got the latest in terrible AI trends, from Will.i.am’s robot cohost to a service that will automatically spam links to your product in Reddit threads. It’s a brave new world, we’re just jizzing in it.