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Frotcast 440: You Can’t Afford Jeremy Piven, With Allison Mick

In this week’s Frotcast, Allison Mick returns to the Frot. We discuss my awkward interview with Steve Guttenberg, the pile on over Chris D’Elia (alleged sex pest), and Jeremy Piven’s exhorbitant price for a Zoom call. Oh, and we’re celebrating 10 years of the Frot! In true Frotcast fashion, we didn’t realize it was our 10 year anniversary until almost the very end, and it took us until two days after the actual anniversary to post the show. How on brand is that? Anyway, God bless all of you for sticking with us, and to the newcomers we love you too. So far we’ve only had one host die so I think we’re doing pretty good. Here’s to another 10 years (KILL ME).

Frotcast 412: Euphoria with Allison Mick

What’s up Frot fam! Matt Lieb here and holy hell do we have some amazing #content for you to #engage with this week. San Francisco comedian Allison Mick has moved to Los Angeles and there’s no better welcoming party than visiting the LA Frotquarters to rip hollywood fail-children Max Landis and Sam Levinson. This week we discuss HBO’s zoomer porn Euphoria, Max Landis’s most recent rape allegations, and Matt’s trip to New York – where dozens of Frotcast fans showed up to a slew of bar shows to show their support for our aging brand. We also read some e-mails and listen to some voicemails from Frot listeners who are inexplicably still Frotting with us after all these years. It’s a beautiful episode and you should listen to it.

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