276: Sean Penn/El Chapo, What We Do In the Shadows, with Jane Harrison

Fresh off being named one of Podbean’s TOP 10 COMEDY PODCASTS OF 2015 (second year in a row), the Frotcast is back, to discuss Sean Penn’s El Chapo interview, The Revenant/Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar hunt, and What We Do In the Shadows. Guests include comedians Matt Lieb and Jane Harrison, joining Bret and Vince in the studio.

0:55 – Matt Lieb tries out a new catch phrase, with debatable success.
4:00 – Matt loved The Revenant and hated The Hateful Eight. No spoilers here.
6:50 – Does Leonardo DiCaprio want an Oscar as much as everyone assumes he does?
8:10 – Matt Lieb explains “the Pussy Posse” to Bret, much to Bret’s chagrin.
14:45 – I read my favorite bits of Sean Penn’s El Chapo interview. Matt debuts his new El Chapo character.
21:21 – “Do you think Sean Penn is really into Waking Life?” -Bret
40:00 – Charlie Sheen goes off his HIV meds.
48:33 – Smash Mouth’s incredible cover of David Bowie/Queen’s “Under Pressure.” A heated argument ensues over whether “Under Pressure” is one of Queen or David Bowie’s best songs.
1:01:00 – The shortlist of actors for Han Solo, debating the merits.
1:06:00 – Oh right, What We Do In the Shadows.