275: Making A Murderer, With Ashley Burns And Pauly Casillas

We discuss Making A Murderer, Netflix’s white hot new true crime series, with two blasts from Frotcast past: Uproxx Editor Ashley Burns (Burnsy) and Tuscon, Arizona’s freshest comedy voice, Pauly Casillas (Pauly Dangerously). Vince Mancini from FilmDrunk and Bret hold down the Frotquarters. Did Steven Avery do it? Should Brendan Dassey get a new trial? Will the pardon Steven Avery petitions make a difference? Which of these questions will we ponder before making fun of the accents and lack of underwear?

3:15 – I read our craziest Frotcast email of all time, from the guy who has apparently mentally catalogued every Jew in Hollywood and urges us to do same.
14:35 – Making A Murderer discussion begins in earnest. Bret explains why it makes him feel bad and had to stop watching.
17:35 – The formerly underrated dumb-soundingness of the Wisconsin accent.
21:00 – Burnsy on why the show is his worst nightmare, and he hates true crime.
22:30 – Living through the inevitable Internet detective and ensuing Internet reductive guy backlash.
27:20 – Steven Avery’s incredible lack of underpants.
30:30 – The incredible theory that this guy who doesn’t own underwear somehow pulled off one of the greatest crime scene scrub jobs in the history of man.
33:00 – Bret compares Making A Murderer to his disastrous bus ride.
34:30 – Jury Trial: The ultimate focus group. Burnsy explains what it’s like to be on a jury in Orlando, Florida.
37:00 – Bret explains how me breaking his nose got him out of a jury.
38:30 – We discover that in Florida courts, alligators are the judges. #SWAMPJUSTICE
52:35 – Steven Avery: Surprisingly good at pulling chicks.
54:00 – Burnsy defends guys not wearing underwear. The pros and cons of not wearing underwear.
55:14 – Pauly discusses his own trial, for assault with a deadly weapon.
58:28 – Why didn’t Steve Avery testify? Was this a good decision?
1:01:48 – Kim Jong-un was voted Best Dressed Man in North Korea for the fifth year running. Did Kim Jong-un come up with his own hairstyle or was it a stylist? 
1:10:15 – Email question from a 25-year-old virgin.