277: Justin Halpern, Laremy Talk The Revenant, Amy Schumer, and the OscarsSoWhite Oscar Boycott

The regular crew is out this week, but in their place I have Justin Halpern from Surviving Jack/Sh*t My Dad Says, and Whoop Dreams star and Seattle’s finest film critic, Laremy Legel, not to mention a boat load of #Content. We talk The Revenant, Amy Schumer, Lights Camera Jackson, the #OscarsSoWhite and Oscars boycott, the Deadpool trailer, and make fun of the Oregon militia dudes’ list of supplies. Enjoy!  

2:14 – The new paradigm of Distracted TV Watching. What shows do you watch we’re you’re actually not looking at your phone? 
4:25 – How the internet is making advertising even more terrible than before.
10:40 – We break down the “Amy Schumer Is A Joke Thief” video. 
14:50 – We discuss Lights Camera Jackson, his Amy Schumer joke, and him doing the same shtick for the last five years.
25:00 – Justin tells us about going to Kevin Bacon’s house.
31:40 – The Revenant. The bear attack and the Indian attack: when something’s badass enough that you stop caring about realism.
38:26 – Justin and I talk ‘The Witch.’ Can a period movie be *too* realistic? 
50:20 – #OscarsSoWhite. Specifically, how un self-aware do you have to be as a white person to write and “Actually” thinkpiece about which black people didn’t actually get snubbed?
56:40 – I make a case for crapping on certain movies without seeing them. 
1:01:00 – The Deadpool trailer, and the phenomenon of nailing a jokey tone without making jokes. Also, the “fantasy studio exec” phenomenon among TV and comic fans. 
1:11:00 – The Oregon militia dudes’ list of requested supplies, such as “hay” and “money.” 
1:18:00 – I finally catch up on Fargo season two, so I have a few raves, and lots of minor issues I need to bitch about.