[Teaser] Why do Americans love bumper stickers?

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David Farrier is the acclaimed documentarian behind Tickled and Mr. Organ (as well as Dark Tourist on Netflix) who also runs a newsletter called Webworm. More importantly, he has a nice Kiwi (New Zealand) accent and we’ve already established that the best qualification one can have to discuss a Martin Lawrence movie on the Frotcast is having an accent. David is here to discuss 1999’s Life, an initial flop-turned cult favorite whose director went on to die in a cocaine related celebrity basketball heart attack (before that he directed other movies I liked, like Beautiful Girls and Blow). It’s a very strange movie, sort of a Jim Crow drama turned into a comedy, but we all liked it more than we expected and it certainly wasn’t the movie we imagined. We also talked about Calvin bumper stickers and Jerry Seinfeld’s latest baffling paean to old school values.