Frotcast 417: Eating Crickets With The Kendall Roy Hive, Feat. Jane Harrison

Cancel Culture! Is it real? Is it to be feared? How many racial slurs are comedians allowed to make on podcasts before becoming unemployable? That’s right, this episode of the Frotcast is all about WHERE. YOU. STAND. on the latest CULTURE WAR ISSUES facing COMEDY TODAY! Just kidding, we mostly find the whole Shane Gillis thing extremely exhausting and so we switch to topics more our speed, like Succession, why Matt and Jane aren’t watching Righteous Gemstones even though it’s an objectively wonderful show, and why so many ladies have a curious crush on Kendall Roy. Also, Matt couldn’t get the SD card on his recorder to work and searched all through his parents’ house for a new one but all he found was his mom’s vibrator, which is why Matt’s audio sounds kind of bad this week and also why Matt is a dirty little sex piggy. Meanwhile, we talk about Matt’s five jobs and why eating crickets on the internet is way better than being on SNL. In Jane Harrison’s return, she talks about getting a new cat even though her last cat tried to    kill her. Are Jane’s cats Kendall Roy? SO MUCH MORE. Please to enjoy and subscribe, for the bonus episodes, you’ll never be lonely when you have the Frotcast.