357: The Deep State And The Way Of The Boss Baby, With Matt Christman

This week on the Frotcast, comedians Matt Lieb and Joey Avery join Vince in the studio as we bring on Matt Christman (Cushbomb) from Chapo. We discuss Boss Baby, including Christman’s theory of the Boss Baby Universe, and then we do selected readings from Steven Seagal’s book, The Way Of The Shadow Wolves: The Deep State and the Hijacking of America (with foreward by Joe Arpaio). What exactly does the “deep state” want, according to Steven Seagal? Come for his code name for George Soros, stay for his evocative descriptions of Mexican thugs. Finally we finish things off with everyone’s favorite, a new story about 56-year-old milennial comedian Dan Nainan. Enjoy and frot on, donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast! 

00:00 – Getting to know Matt Christman. What was it like growing up next to Steven Avery from Making a Murderer? 
7:30 – Boss Baby
21:50 – We get Matthew Broderick confused with Marlon Brando’s son, on account of they’ve both killed people. We spiral into a rabbit hole of Brando-related tragedies.
23:50 – A tangent into Tobey Maguire’s past as a poker sociopath.
26:25 – A tangent into Jim Carrey in Jim & Andy
plus a subtangent about Rick Solomon.
35:00 – Matt Lieb has a problem with Screech
36:55 – Matt Lieb wants to know about circle jerks
41:10 – Selected readings from Steven Seagal’s ‘The Way of the Shadow Wolves: The Deep State and the Hijacking of America.” 
41:10 – onwards: more talking.