Filmdrunk 104: David Gborie and Prometheus

This week we have a great time with comedian David Gborie. We listen to a news clip of a twilight named cat eating its’ owner, we get into a heated discussion about Prometheus, we talk about Juggalos, and drunk on.

    00:01:41 – There was a lot of good feedback from last week’s episode with Joe King, and Vince plays a clip of some of the movie pitches to recap. Guest comedian David Gborie introduces himself to the Frotcast. He grew up in a meth-riddled town in Colorado full of Juggalos, where an occasional hatchet rampage would break out. The guys discuss the Juggalos use of “ninja.” Vince and David talk about the time they took their shirts off in public. Vince also tells a depressing weed story.
    00:28:50 – With photos from the latest Twilight movie making news, Vince plays a local news story where a cat named Renesmee viciously attacked her owner in the middle of the night. Vince and racism get brought up, as well as calling actors by their character’s names.
    00:50:02 – Talk smoothly segues into a very spoilerific (and a little heated) discussion about Prometheus, so skip ahead if you haven’t seen the film yet. Despite the characters’ gimmicks, a lack of payoff to Alien, and some frustration with the story, it comes highly recommended. See it in IMAX if possible, and the 3D is used exceptionally well. The guys also get into the apparent problems 3D causes the human eye.
    01:17:58 – With the current term YOLO popping its head up all over twitter, the guys take to task the existential buffoons that fall far it. Brendan reveals his dream tattoo as a teenager, which leads to the group talking about some of the horrible early-90’s fashion, especially some of the t-shirt lines.
    01:28:04 – Vince went to a crazy Christian wedding over the weekend where the groom sang some interesting lyrics. Some other religions get talked about. The guys wonder if Samuel L. Jackson has become the Al Pacino of his generation.

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