Filmdrunk 103: Movie Pitches with Joe King, AVN Awards

This week we bring on Joe King to tell us about his amazing acting class where he gets to make out with hot chicks… Then he tells us his amazing movie ideas- which involve Jesus and a young girl with special powers, not to mention his idea for “Kilmer vs. Kilmer.” We also listen to clips from the AVNs, read some listener emails and play the trailer for Django Unchained.

    00:01:24 – Vince reads a porn press release he received. Good news, Adam & Eve are back as well as the live reads from guys. The AVN Awards aired recently, and Vince plays some clips from the show. The insufferable banshee Jesse Jane is back, and almost future Frotcast guest Riley Steele gives an interesting acceptance speech. With the news of Miley Cyrus getting engaged, the guys discuss the pitfalls of being in that relationship. The Frotcast legacy is talked about, which breaks down to poop transplants and the Monkey Scoop.
    00:26:25 – Joe King returns to the Frotcast while taking a break from his acting class where he gets to make out with chicks. He gets all actor-y discussing the play he’s doing in class, the level of hotness of the actresses in his class, and how close to fame he’s getting (some guy from Bring It On 2 is in his class).
    00:45:17 – Joe has some more movie ideas he would like to share with the Frotcast. He has Kilmer vs Kilmer, a story about a homeless Gary Busey helping a teenage girl harness her abilities, a remake of Friday with puppets that takes place in Africa, an action film with a Mexican Jean Claude Van Damme saving Mexico City, and a sci-fi/action flick with Jesus.
    01:01:10 – The guys want to dig deeper into Joe’s acting exercises. They find out how he would like to prepare for a scene, and that he has a Bane impersonation.
    01:09:34 – There is some Fantasy Summer Box Office talk, and about how well Snow White and the Huntsman fared. A couple of listener emails are read detailing the adventures of of Monkey Scooping in China, asking if it OK to masturbate at work, and someone finally gives Bret some love…well, sort of. Vince plays the Django Unchained trailer, reveals he doesn’t know what Astronaut Ice Cream is, and tells a story about his dad at MOMA. You can also learn the story behind “Good night and good chins.”

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