Filmdrunk 96: Hot Goss, Mel Gibson, Guilty Pleasure Movies

This week we are treated to a new edition of Hott Goss with Ashley Burns™(now with an intro song!), comedian Alison Stevenson visits us in Frotquarters, we listen to Mel Gibson’s latest rant, hear from Smashmouth, reveal our favorite guilty pleasure movies (movies we love that everyone hates), get two visits from Fake Bret, and have a grand time.

    00:00:57 – Things kick off with the return of Fake Bret, and a rage filled message to Bret.
    00:06:21 – Burnsy is back with another edition of Hot Goss with a new intro song (thanks to listener Matt) and sponsor. This week features an “In Memoriam” for all the celebrity deaths you might have missed recently. Vince plays an isolated vocal track from Smashmouth ala the David Lee Roth clip. We’re also introduced to some new terms such a “Zoonami” and “Puddle of Musk.” Bret tells his Kid Rock story again.
    00:32:44 – The guys get to know a little about guest, Alison Stevenson. The conversations diverges to Vince’s step-brother, Benjamin Button, the Bob Dylan film I’m Not There, and the LaserTag/Warcraft bachelor party Vince attended.
    00:52:26 – The special topic for this week is Movies You Love But Everyone Hates. Another Bridesmaids rant breaks out, and Ben has issues with Judd Apatow and Michael Cera. Bret morphing into Ben becomes a concern. Vince and Bret talk their Predator vs ____ that was inspired by the putrid AVP: Alien vs Predator.
    01:18:08 – Vince plays the recent Mel Gibson tape. The group questions if he’s just insane or racist, and ponder if he’s just been pulling a decade long Joaquin Phoenix gag on the public. The group also takes a listen to Miley Cyrus’ stuffed-up voice over. Fake Bret closes out the episode.

Make sure to check out Vince and Alison at the Milk Bar on 4/24 for the LOL for LLS show. Also check out Alison on Twitter @justaboutglad.

Drunk on! – Adam

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