Filmdrunk 95: Laremy in Studio, Summer Movie Fantasy Draft

This week in a rambunctious episode we have Frotcast regular Laremy Legel of in the Frotquarters for the 2nd annual Summer Box Office Fantasy Draft, discuss Mel Gibson’s recent news, Vince drinks all of the booze Laremy bought him, and we have a grand ol’ time.

    00:03:18 – Mel Gibson is back in the news over a conflict with Joe Eszterhas, writer of Basic Instinct and Showgirls. As usual, Gibson is claimed to have made disparaging remarks about Jewish people. Vince goes on a mini-rant about charities.
    00:10:39 – The guys learn a bit more about Laremy, and how he got to where he is now. There is some more talk about American Reunion.
    00:19:32 – Vince reads a list of the WASPiest names: college lacrosse players. The guys talk about the debt of higher education, commercials during day time television, loans from Indian reservations, what they’re drinking, and Jesus as Vice President.
    00:36:54 – Bret reveals that he has missed the past few Frotcasts because he was traveling Europe. Brendan saw Ann Coulter wearing a mink coat at the airport. With the passing of Thomas “Painter of Light” Kinkade, Vince reads an email from a listener who shares his personal experience with the artist.
    00:51:20 – The 2nd annual Summer Box Office Fantasy Draft leads off with Vince making the most obvious pick, Bret has trouble understanding the drafting order, and Brendan makes a strong, strategic move which Ben copies. Some news about Lindy West is revealed.
    01:24:48 – Vince has gotten a dog and is astonished with its shitting prowess.

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Drunk on! – Adam

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